Alex Jul 03, 2023
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Wanna know how to heal from the most infamous diseases known to man?

Or maybe...

You just want to get rid of your allergies.

What about losing some weight and getting stronger?

Look nowhere else but Wholed Up

Wholed Up is my gift to the world.

"The Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth! So help me God"

I will focus on natural ways to heal Wholistically and in plain English.

Not here for B.S.? Then we are on the same page.

My Story

I am on a journey toward finding my truth and helping others find it too.

Just like you, my mental health, physical health, and spiritual health has been affected by our world today.

Here is just a few issues I had this past year:

  1. Perfectionism took over my life which led to many decisions not being made.

  2. Weightlifting injury to my abs from going too hard into fitness.

  3. Lack of guidance from God because I focused too much on the external circumstances around me.

This is just a few of the things I noticed while living in real life. If you don't pay attention to what's going on around you and in you then you will be lead to the cliffs.

Like many of you I hate being down for the count. It drives me mad!

"I hate it I hate it I hate it!"


So the next thing I thought was "How do I get myself back in shape?"

Take the First Step

It literally is the hardest thing to do besides taking the next step.

Taking a step in the right direction always feels like the wrong direction in the beginning because you may not have the experience to back up your decision.

But once you try it now you have the proof to say "Yes, that was a good move!" or "Don't ever do that again!".

As long as you keep your goal in front of you like a carrot on a stick you will always find a way to get to where you are heading. I want you to get that carrot!

(Donkey pic)

I am not always the best at finding momentum but sometimes you just gotta do something and the momentum will follow.


Set the Bar Low...in the Beginning

Let's get you moving forward by looking at my issue with procrastination disguised as perfectionism

I have a habit of seeing my home and listing all the chores I need to do.

Sometimes I would get into a never-ending cycle of adding things to the list of chores until it got so long it became too daunting to tackle. The next day I would start again with my list but then I would find something else to add!

As you can see I became so annoyed with myself and had to do something.

So the next time I got home I just wrote down only one chore. That one chore was the only one I could do that day. If it didn't take that long I would go back to my list and add one more.

Now you can see how momentum can grow. The realization that you can accomplish your goal makes you want to keep collecting wins for yourself.

So today ask yourself:

"If there was one thing I could do today that would make me feel proud of myself, what would it be?"