Use the Moon

Alex Jul 21, 2023
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New Moon took effect three days ago and I want to make sure you reap the best from this time of the month.

Moon cycles Rundown!

The Moon has a great impact on our daily lives. It controls the sea levels or water levels on Earth. (Remember that!)

This water has an ebb and flow pattern that is dictated by what phase the Moon is in. In the case of the New Moon, which is in the beginning of the cycle, the waters on Earth are at their lowest. 

Let's think of a lazy river carrying a jasmine blossom downstream around rocks without any effort.

Next let's take the Full moon, which is at the opposite end of the cycle, where the waters are at their maximum height.

Let’s think of this as a 2 Liter of Coke when you add Mentos, close the cap, and shake the thing.

Don't do that in real life please! FRFR

The New moon is the Emptying out the bucket and the Full Moon is a full bucket ready to spill over.

Now watch this…

Water = Emotion


Now you understand how the moon has an effect on us let's look at how to use it.

How to use them?

The New Moon is when the scale is balanced. The water has been poured out and you are waiting to receive more. 

As the Moon becomes more and more full the emotions you have do the same. 

This is why it is optimal to start new endeavors around a New Moon. 

Symbolically it is a new beginning so it goes well with your new habits you may want to establish.

Since you have this energy behind your efforts it is quite easy to catch the momentum as long as you dont stop your progress.

If you have a diet you were planning on trying or a new career opportunity you wanted to attack then do it around the New Moon.

How am I using it now?

Funny thing about the New Moon is that a lot of times I dont realize its upon me until after I look back. This time when it arrived I started working on breaking a habit.


One day I just got up and said “I wonder if I could go without coffee today?”

All the while I didn't even realize it was a NEW MOON

First day went by without a slip of the mug. 

Then I asked the same question the next day. “I wonder if I could go without coffee today?”

Bam! Another day down without coffee. 

Now I am 4 days in and I haven't even had any painful withdrawal symptoms like headaches.

Looking back I feel like everyone should try this technique out for changing habits in their lives. It was easier than expected and once you get the ball rolling the Moon will keep pushing you along.

What's one habit you are going to change in the next Moon Cycle?

Good Luck!