Top 4 Bosses You Must Beat to Get Healthy!

Alex Nov 14, 2023
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One - Inertia

This is the state where you remain where you are. A lack of movement. Stationary.

When an object is inert it is harder to get moving. 

That is why you must break through this first boss. It is one of those things that creeps up on you. Much like vines growing on a tree. The longer you contemplating your next move the more it binds you.

Solution: Get off your butt and do something in the direction of your dreams.

The first step is the hardest part and once you get the ball rolling it is way easier to keep it going.

My confession is that I had a hard time with this boss because I wanted a sure bet before I made a move.

But in life, there are no sure bets. Life is a game with lots of risk. As you play your hand more, the more feedback you get to shift the odds in your favor.

If you want to get better at a skill, start thinking about how cool it would be to practice that skill, THEN CHOOSE. Once that's out of the way, think about one thing you could practice right now, THEN DO IT. Then think about practicing for more than one day, THEN DO IT AGAIN. Etc.

Two - Environment

Have you ever seen those videos where one person suddenly starts running and whoever is there with them will start running too. Or sometimes they just sit and stare or yell at the person running.

The ones who ran knew there is no reason why you would be running for no reason. Complete trust.

The ones who yelled wanted to know why they should run. Half trust.

The ones who stayed wanted that runner to stop running or keep running but bring them with them. No Trust.

That's how your environment impacts you.

Some people in your life want you to make it to your dream life. Some people want you to get there but on their terms; not yours.
Some people want you to stay with them or for you to do all the work if they join you.

These three scenarios play out in the environment you live in and with your comforts of life. 

Spending time in environments that take your attention away from doing the work hurts your progress. Example: Bars, Unsupportive Family and friends houses, 

Same can be said if you spend too much time on entertainment. Example: Sports, Video Games, TV, etc.

Solution: Remove distractions that may take you off the course. People, Places, Pleasures

Once removed you can fill that same space and time with activities that bring you closer to your dreams.

Three - Mind

Self talk must be positive because life is hard.

Living is a never ending activity. Hard times and good times come and go. No matter what is going on in your life at this moment, you will have yourself and your thoughts.

Now ask yourself, What thoughts am I entertaining within my own mind?

Is it self defeatism, or depression, or guilt, or anger?

Whichever you choose, choose the thoughts that will build up your view of yourself. 

Choose thoughts that constructs a vision that will make you into the person you can be proud of. 

Solution: Lift yourself with encouraging words. Make all statements toward your ability in a proactive voice. You can always change the direction of your life if you always think thoughts that support your dreams.

Once all your friends and family are gone, what will you tell yourself in your mind that inspires you to be all you can be?

Four - Impatience

Expecting results too soon without enough work and persistence.

Solution: Set a time frame where you WILL NOT check the scoreboard or progress. All you will do is work at reaching your dreams everyday with at least one activity.

At the end of the time frame you will review the following:

How much work did I do?

Am I where I want to be?

Can I do more?

Can I do something different to get me there?

After these questions are answered then set a new time frame and a new list of items to tackle.

Repeat until you get what you want.

Expect the best, do the best, and be the best.

Good luck beating these guys and reach out if you need a tag team partner.

Take care,