Heart Attacks Caused by Protein?

Alex Aug 05, 2023
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Let me lay the groundwork.

You see this photo below?

This is the way protein can cause a heart attack.

I got this from the book “The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse” by Andreas Moritz.

He describes one of the most overlooked ways we could be damaging our circulatory system by eating too much of a good thing.

How it is Caused

According to Moritz research the body has a specific amount of protein that it can store in the reserves. Once the normal reserves are full but more protein is present the body will start storing it in the blood vessels membrane. (See pic from earlier.) After the blood vessels fill up with surplus protein it will store any excess in the blood. Protein in the blood thickens it; causing protein filled blood vessels to become damaged from trying to squeeze the thick blood throughout the body. Once damage occurs to an artery the body tries to patch up the hole with…cholesterol and other sticky components.

This is where people get the idea that cholesterol causes heart attacks. In a way they are right due to the fact that the patch job of cholesterol can detach creating a clot. Once the clot is caught in the artery somewhere in the system its game over.

So instead of seeing all the other factors involved in creating the problem, the cholesterol gets the blame and now you can never eat an egg again! Jk. You can if you want, although I would be careful for other reasons.



What would you have to look out for if I wanted to avoid protein induced heart attacks?

Lets look at this excerpt taken from Moritz’s book.

So the ways you can check is to look out for the following signs:

  • Redness in the face and chest.

  • Check your hematocrit.

  • Check your homocysteine levels.


Like the book says the best ways to avoid this problem and/or reverse it is to change your diet and do a gallbladder and liver flush. Limit you protein intake, especially the animal versions such as meat, cheese, dairy. These foods provide way more protein and inflammatory responses to the body than it is capable of processing efficiently. For the average human on Earth at this time we eat way too much protein through the food and added sources. 

Just so we are clear.

You do not have to eat like a professional bodybuilder to keep an athletic body.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think they need to neither.

As for the liver and gallbladder cleanse, I will let you get the book to figure that out.

There are many benefits listed in the book that can be realized when you grab a handful of items from your local supermarket.

If you want to learn more grab the book here.

How will you use this info? 

Let me know in the comments.

If you need help during your flush or any other health related topic reach out and I will be glad to chat.

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