Liver Gallbladder Cleanse - Part 1

Alex Aug 31, 2023
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The Cleanse was no joke!

You think this is going to be a walk in the park?

It is not.

Last month I decided to start the process of cleaning my liver and Gallbladder.

According to the book Liver Gallbladder Cleanse by Moritz it suggests to perform the following for complete cleansing.

1) Follow the guidelines and don’t deviate.

2) Perform enemas before or after Flush

3) Start a Kidney Flush before your Liver Flush

4) Schedule the flush on days where you can relax.

I performed the LGF in order to solve some issues like cravings, gray hair, malabsorption issues, fatigue, high cholesterol.

This first round I saw in action how fast this stuff works.

My First Attempt

I was not able to perform the Kidney Cleanse before my Liver Flush because I didn't have all the herbs I was looking for. (Update on Part 2)

I wanted to wait until I had time at home to chill but I already scheduled a family visit so I had to take care of business at my destination. Luckily, it was family instead of friends.

I also went through a couple of weeks trying to time it between prior engagements, PTOs, holidays, etc. In the end was better for me to pull cord and do it.

Had to tell myself to just get it done and tweak it in the future if things went awry.

Here's how I got prepared:

I drank gallons of apple juice (~1 liter a day)

This was mainly due to the suggestions from the book stating that the magic acid in apple juice would soften the stones that may be plugged in your liver.

Because I kept starting and stopping I just continued to drink apple juice until I was ready.

I avoided high protein as much as possible.

Concentrated protein sources always slows down my digestion and it is recommended to avoid them while doing the cleanse.

I did an enema the day following the cleanse

I didn't get a chance to do one before so I did one as soon as I could.

This is what saved me I think.(See below)


Initially I was weary on this cleanse because I remember what it was like a long time ago when I attempted it back then.

I had some major healing crises in the past so I really didn't want that to happen this time.

To my surprise it was different. I was able to live like a functioning human being this time. As opposed to before where I was laid up for a day.

Here are the most noticeable observations I had

  • The bodily reactions described in the book happened exactly as laid out for me.

    As I took the Epsom salts and grapefruit mixture I could hear and feel my body churning. I could also feel things moving closer to my colon from my right side. All night I could also hear noises bubbling in my gut.

  • The number of stones cleared were alarming yet reassuring.

    I think the enema at the end really help to clear some of the blockages that could have otherwise stopped the release of stones. As soon as the enema was over my bowels started really moving. By nightfall I eliminated at least 50 stones of varying sizes. The largest ones were the size of a marbles.

  • I bounced back quick afterwards.

    I felt lighter and a new calm hit me. My ability to catch vibes from people or know when someone was thinking of me was increased.

  • My tongue and nail beds started changing color and shape. Something must be happening!

    My tongue had less teeth impressions around the edges(malabsorption)

    My nail beds started to change color on the Ring finger(Kidney Meridian) and Pinky (Heart Meridian) of both hands.


Next time I do this cleanse I will aim to do the following to see if it increases the rate of stones passing or reduces any maladies during of after the Liver Cleanse.

  • Drink Kidney Cleanse Tea(See Part 2)

  • Stay home day after cleanse. No plans will be set so I can relax.

  • Meditate more because there were times where I was fighting with myself to continue because I didn't know how I was going to react to it this time around.

    If I would have focused on my breathing and meditation I know that would not have affected me so easily.

  • Perform enemas before and after. I am sure this would have made things flow way smoother than before and helped me get rid of stuff before the stones come out.

  • Take clean samples of the stones with pictures. I took pictures of the first batch of stones but it was an unclean photo taken impromptu. Seeing all those stones in the toilet freaked me out but I wanted to get proof. Then I thought, "I can't show people this mess? Next time it will be cleaner".

In a couple of weeks I will attempt the Liver Flush again and give you the details then.

If you are looking to give the cleanse a go; try to start cleaning your diet from junk/fast food at the least and eat less dairy/meat if not eliminate it for the duration.

Let me know your results when you try it!

Happy cleansing!