Your Environment is You

Alex May 21, 2024
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Have you ever looked around and asked how did you get there?

Have you ever looked around and wondered how things changed around you?

Have you ever asked yourself how you conditions creeped up on you without you realizing?

Your Front Yard

I recently moved to a house with a yard. I never had a yard to take care of before. I soon came to see how much i had to take care of it.

It was overgrown when I got here so I had to chop it all down so I could see to the street. There were tons of weeds so it was difficult to know where there was actually grass.

Soon I was researching "how to grow a lawn". the more I learned the more I paid attention. 

And with attention comes clarity.

  • I realized that I had licorice growing rampant in the yard.

  • I realized the dandelion was growing in the yard.

  • There were literal snakes in the grass(or weeds).

  • I had to cut the grass every week because the weed would over take the grass if I didn't.

Soon I had clarity on the yard and ways to improve it.

Back yard

This is where you put stuff you don't want to deal with.

The stuff you know you need to address but the "maybe later" kicks in. 

Things in the back yard is what is clear but you want to overlook.

This is usually what not many people see unless they are allowed to. 

The trick here is to take a step in addressing one item in the backyard.  

The one thing will create a sense of confidence in yourself knowing that you can change things. And now you have proof.

The next step is to keep up the momentum and discipline.


This whole thing was an overview of your life.

  • The Front yard is what the public sees. 

  • The Back yard is what is private.

  • The House, yards and all is you. 

See what is around you and see what you have allowed into your life. 

Everything that surrounds you gives you clues as to what you can improve on.