Alex Nov 05, 2023
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Need Some Relief?

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Hey yall,

I know there are many of you who deal with all sorts of pain by living life in the fast lane.

Pickup games after a year-long hiatus is not the best for your knees.

Hittin the “worm” on the dance floor is not always the best for your back. Especially if all you did this season was watch the Chiefs on your brother's coach.

Yes, you need to stay in shape year long!

But even putting in work at the gym or pounding your favorite trails does have a negative effect on your body if done in excess.

Soon you will feel like an old rocking chair if you don't slow down and smell the bacon…or roses… or whatever aromatherapy you like to relax to.

Natural Pain Relief

When you think of natural pain relief you may think of the ganja or a good night's rest.

When I think of it I think of going barefoot outside at a local park or beach, as long as owners pickup after their canine children.

As described in the book “Earthing” the author Clint Ober, talks about all the benefits to “earthing” which includes better sleep and greater recovery from injury.

“Earthing” = grounding yourself by making contact with the earth with bare skin. Could be the following according to

  • Soil (Must be touching the earth. Cannot be in an enclosed box or plant pot.)

  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Rock

  • Unsealed brick

  • Bodies of water (like the ocean, lakes, and streams)

  • Living trees

I guess it is kinda ok when girls walk barefoot after the club?….Nah, them streets be dirty.

Anyhoo!...Back to my point.

Earthing could also be called grounding because in the case of electricity, things need to be grounded to dissipate the extra electricity. If not, they can deliver a sudden jolt of energy that can shock someone or blow a fuse.

Thinking of your body as a machine that generates tons of electricity. Over time this builds and builds until one day you decide to touch a doorknob or someone you don't like.

Zap! You get shocked by a release of the built up electricity you had stored on/in your body.

Now what if you continue to store this electricity on your body for years?

Boom=Chronic Pain

This is an oversimplification of what not grounding or earthing ourselves could do.

Solution for the Homebodies

What if I don't want to go to the beach and walk barefoot?

My neighbors always leave their dogs poop in the grass at the park. What then?

The Earthing folks got a do-hickey that can deliver this grounding energy into the home.

It connects to your grounding port on the outlet and connects to sheets, floor mats, and even patches that can stick on spots of your body that are in pain.

I already had a personal testimonial that it helped with severe knee pain so if you're interested in a drug free way to get rid of your aches and pains visit to check out some of the products.

I want to give yall the best chance at removing some of your health obstacles. A body in pain really hurts your chances at that healthy life you should be living.

Let me know if Earthing works for you and if you don't want to cash out on their products then try your best to go outside to give mother nature some of that stress you've been holding onto.

Take care,